pcpricetracker.in is a passion project that I started working on last month (October 20) after having to go through various online stores to check for prices for components for a pc and realising there is need for a tool like this. The data is updated once daily for components available in stock.

I am trying to keep it very simple, fast and easy to use. There are lots of plans for the Site in the upcoming weeks and in the spirit of open startups, the roadmap and other details are available publicly. You can check them out and I am very keen on your feedback. Feel free to provide them through the contact email.

There are NO advertisements on the site and I intend to keep it that way. I also do not use tracking services like google analytics but rather a small open source privacy focussed and GDPR compliant tool called plausible to track page counters and some basic traffic data.

In the long run, I would love to make the site a go to location for all things computers. Help new PC builders with suggestions and foster a health community of enthusiasts who are keen to help each other.

Big shoutout to r/IndianGaming & r/buildapc communities for their inspiration and enthusiasm.