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A processor is the powerhouse of your pc, crunching data and executing commands to deliver lightning-fast gameplay and seamless performance.

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A motherboard is the backbone of your setup, connecting all components and enabling smooth performance for epic gaming adventures.

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Graphic Card

A graphics card is responsible for stunning visuals and immersive gaming experiences, rendering lifelike graphics with blazing speed and precision.

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Power Supply

A power supply unit delivers stable and reliable power to your system and occassionally protects it from voltage surges.

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Memory, or RAM, provides lightning-fast access to data and ensuring smooth, lag-free application access and gameplay even in the most intense workloads.

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Hard drive

A hard drive is a storage device storing both work projects and gaming libraries, ensuring quick access to data for productivity or immersive entertainment whenever you need it.

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An SSD is a storage device, accelerating both work tasks and gaming experiences with lightning-fast load times and seamless performance for your multitasking needs.

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A cabinet is the housing for all your components, providing ample space and efficient airflow. The come in different form factors like atx, m-atx, itx.

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A monitor is the display providing crisp visuals for work tasks and delivering immersive gaming experiences with vibrant colors and smooth motion.

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Coolers help in keeping temperatures in check during intense workloads and gaming sessions, ensuring peak performance and reliability.

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Keyboards are primary input device for most users. They come in various styles and key construction. Users can customize them for higher end versions.

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One of the most versatile tool for gamers and users alike offering precise navigation controls.

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Headsets are an input-output device enabling calls with clear audio and comfortable wear.

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Laptops are portable devices powering productivity tasks to gaming sessions, letting you enjoy the flexibility and performance wherever you go.

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Gaming components elevates your setup with versatile peripherals that enhance both work and play.

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Cooling accessories keeps your machine running smoothly during demanding workloads and intense gaming sessions with efficient cooling solutions.

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